Jan 24, 2021
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Stay Charged With 2 New Power Banks – Silicon Power

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Are your mobile devices’ batteries in the red zone before the day’s end? Silicon Power (SP) is releasing 2 new power banks, the GP15 (10,000mAh) and the GS15 (20,000mAh), to give you the power to go further.

Go Further, For Longer

Premium battery cells deliver enough power to recharge just about any smartphone 2-4 (GP15) or 4-6 (GS15) full times, for days of power, anywhere. Superior materials within a high-quality construction make it incredibly durable yet comfortable to hold with its ergonomic shape.

Two Outputs, Two Times The Possibilities

With an impressive size-to-capacity ratio, the GP15/GS15 is equipped with 2 USB Type-A ports for dual-device charging. Both ports are engineered with our proprietary technology for smart and fast charging, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go traveling, solo or with a friend.

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